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For all those who don't know any limits

Much more than just a normal suitcase

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Engineering at the highest level

The Gaming Suitcase is perfectly designed for the built-in gaming monitor. The amazing gaming monitor from Acer with its 24.5" is the ideal companion for your trip. With up to 0.5 MS response time and 240 Hz Frame Rate you are always faster than others. The case is designed to fit the Sony PS5 console (disc or digital) perfectly and give it enough air to breathe. Not only the console, but also the controllers were assigned a place. Two controllers can be gently placed in the case and are charged at the same time. With exactly the same features as the Playstation 5.

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Everything you love - combined in a unique gaming suitcase

The ultimate gaming experience is pre-programmed with the integrated BOSE® SoundLink® Color Bluetooth® speaker II. The speakers complement the premium gaming case and allow you to play in a completely different league. If you're streaming a video on Youtube or watching your series on Netflix, you're guaranteed to be satisfied with the bold sound wherever life takes you.

During all this, you have the option to use the integrated USB hub for your smartphone or other devices and charge. The setup is very simple. There is a power plug on the back. Once you've plugged it in and put the console inside, you can start AIRYA right away. For a stablei nternet connection and undisturbed experiences with ARIYA, we have also included a LAN connection. With this connection, you are guaranteed to gain the maximum of speed.

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Smaller. Lighter. Even more compact. Our new AIRYA S.

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