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Status, 01 January 2023, Zurich.

General information Thefollowing notes provide a simple overview of what happens to your personal datawhen you visit our website. Personal data is any data by which you can bepersonally identified. For detailed information on the subject of dataprotection, please refer to our privacy policy listed below this text. Data collection on our websiteWho is responsible for the data collection on this website? The data processing on this website is carried out by AIRYA. You can find our contact details in the imprint or under contact. How do we collect your data? Onthe one hand, your data is collected by you providing it to us. This can be,for example, data that you enter in a contact form. Other data is automatically collected by our ITsystems when you visit the website. This is mainly technical data (e.g.internet browser, operating system or time of page view). The collection ofthis data takes place automatically as soon as you visit our website. What do we use your data for? Partof the data is collected to ensure error-free provision of the website. Otherdata may be used to analyse your user behaviour. What rights do you have regarding your data? Youhave the right to receive information free of charge at any time about theorigin, recipient and purpose of your stored personal data. You also have theright to request the correction, blocking or deletion of this data. For thispurpose, as well as for further questions on the subject of data protection,you can contact us at any time at the address given in the imprint. Third-party analytics and tools Whenvisiting our website, your surfing behaviour can be statistically evaluated.This is done primarily with cookies and with so-called analysis programs. Theanalysis of your surfing behaviour is usually anonymous; the surfing behaviourcannot be traced back to you. You can object to this analysis or prevent it bynot using certain tools. You can find detailed information on this in thefollowing data protection declaration.       

‍Data protection The operators of these pages take the protectionof your personal data very seriously. We treat your personal dataconfidentially and in accordance with the statutory data protection regulationsand this data protection declaration. Whenyou use this website, various personal data are collected. Personal data isdata that can be used to identify you personally. This privacy policy explainswhat data we collect and what we use it for. It also explains how and for whatpurpose this is done. Wewould like to point out that data transmission on the Internet (e.g.communication by e-mail) can have security gaps. A complete protection of thedata against access by third parties is not possible. Note on the responsible bodyThe data controller for this website is: AIRYA GmbHHuebwiesenstrasse 148155 The controller is the natural or legal personwho alone or jointly with others determines the purposes and means of theprocessing of personal data (e.g. names, e-mail addresses, etc.). Revocation of your consent to data processing Many data processing operations are onlypossible with your express consent. You can revoke an already given consent atany time. For this purpose, an informal communication by e-mail to us issufficient. The legality of the data processing carried out until therevocation remains unaffected by the revocation. Right to data portability You have the right to have data that we processautomatically on the basis of your consent or in fulfilment of a contracthanded over to you or to a third party in a common, machine-readable format. Ifyou request the direct transfer of the data to another controller, this willonly be done insofar as it is technically feasible. SSL or TLS encryption This site uses SSL or TLS encryption for securityreasons and to protect the transmission of confidential content, such as ordersor enquiries that you send to us as the site operator. You can recognise anencrypted connection by the fact that the address line of the browser changesfrom "http://" to "https://" and by the lock symbol in yourbrowser line. If SSL or TLS encryption is activated, the datayou transmit to us cannot be read by third parties.    Encrypted payment transactions on this website If,after the conclusion of a contract with costs, there is an obligation totransmit your payment data to us (e.g. account number in the case of directdebit authorisation), this data is required for the processing of payments. Payment transactions via the common means ofpayment (Visa/MasterCard, direct debit) are made exclusively via an encryptedSSL or TLS connection. You can recognise an encrypted connection by the factthat the address line of the browser changes from "http://" to"https://" and by the lock symbol in your browser line. With encrypted communication, your payment datathat you transmit to us cannot be read by third parties. Information, blocking, deletion Within the framework of the applicable legalprovisions, you have the right at any time to free information about yourstored personal data, its origin and recipient and the purpose of dataprocessing and, if necessary, a right to correction, blocking or deletion ofthis data. For this purpose, as well as for further questions on the subject ofpersonal data, you can contact us at any time at the address given in theimprint. Objection to advertising mails The use of contact data published within theframework of the imprint obligation for the purpose of sending advertising andinformation material not expressly requested is hereby prohibited. Theoperators of the pages expressly reserve the right to take legal action in theevent of the unsolicited sending of advertising information, such as spame-mails.  

Cookies The internet pages partly use so-called cookies.Cookies do not cause any damage to your computer and do not contain viruses.Cookies serve to make our offer more user-friendly, effective and secure.Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and saved by yourbrowser.   Most of the cookies we use are so-called"session cookies". They are automatically deleted after the end ofyour visit. Other cookies remain stored on your terminal device until youdelete them. These cookies enable us to recognise your browser on your nextvisit. You can set your browser so that you areinformed about the setting of cookies and only allow cookies in individualcases, exclude the acceptance of cookies for certain cases or generally andactivate the automatic deletion of cookies when closing the browser. If youdeactivate cookies, the functionality of this website may be limited. Cookies that are required to carry out theelectronic communication process or to provide certain functions that you haverequested (e.g. shopping cart function) are stored due to the legitimateinterest of the website operator in the technically error-free and optimizedprovision of    itsservices. Insofar as other cookies (e.g. cookies to analyse your surfingbehaviour) are stored, these are dealt with separately in this data protectiondeclaration. Server log files The provider of the pages automatically collectsand stores information in so-called server log files, which your browserautomatically transmits to us. These are: Browser type and browser versionoperating system usedreferrer URLHost name of the accessing computerTime of the server request IP addressThis data is not merged with other data sources. The processing of data is carried out inaccordance with legal provisions which permit the processing of data for thefulfilment of a contract or pre-contractual measures. Contact form If you send us enquiries via the contact form,your details from the enquiry form, including the contact details you providethere, will be stored by us for the purpose of processing the enquiry and inthe event of follow-up questions. We do not pass on this data without yourconsent. The processing of the data entered in thecontact form is therefore based exclusively on your consent. You can revokethis consent at any time. For this purpose, an informal communication by e-mailto us is sufficient. The legality of the data processing operations carried outuntil the revocation remains unaffected by the revocation. The data you enter in the contact form willremain with us until you request us to delete it, revoke your consent to storeit or the purpose for storing the data no longer applies (e.g. after we have completedprocessing your request). Mandatory legal provisions - in particular retentionperiods - remain unaffected.    Registration on this website You can register on our website to useadditional functions on the site. We use the data entered for this purpose onlyfor the purpose of using the respective offer or service for which you haveregistered. The mandatory information requested during registration must beprovided in full. Otherwise we will reject the registration. For important changes, for example in the scopeof the offer or in the case of technically necessary changes, we use the e-mailaddress provided during registration to inform you in this way. The processing of the data entered duringregistration is based on your consent. You can revoke your consent at any time.For this purpose, an informal communication by e-mail to us is sufficient. Thelegality of the data processing already carried out remains unaffected by therevocation.     The data collected during registration will bestored by us for as long as you are registered on our website and will then bedeleted. Legal retention periods remain unaffected. Comment function on this website For the comment function on this site, inaddition to your comment, information on the time of the creation of thecomment, your e-mail address and, if you do not post anonymously, the usernameyou have chosen will be stored. Storage of the IP address Our comment function stores the IP addresses ofusers who post comments. Since we do not check comments on our site before theyare activated, we need this data to be able to take action against the authorin the event of legal violations such as insults or propaganda. Subscribe to comments Asa user of the site, you can subscribe to comments after registering. You willreceive a confirmation email to verify that you are the owner of the emailaddress provided. You can unsubscribe from this function at any time via a linkin the info emails. The data entered in the context of subscribing to commentswill be deleted in this case; however, if you have transmitted this data to usfor other purposes and at another point (e.g. newsletter order), it will remainwith us. Storage period of the comments Thecomments and the associated data (e.g. IP address) are stored and remain on ourwebsite until the commented content has been completely deleted or the commentshave to be deleted for legal reasons (e.g. offensive comments). Legal basis The storage of comments is based on your consent.You can revoke your consent at any time. For this purpose, an informalcommunication by e-mail to us is sufficient. The legality of the dataprocessing operations already carried out remains unaffected by the revocation. Processing of data (customer and contract data) We collect, process and use personal data onlyto the extent that they are necessary for the establishment, content ormodification of the legal relationship (inventory data). This is done on thebasis of legal provisions that permit the processing of data for the fulfilmentof a contract or pre-contractual measures. We collect, process and use personaldata about the use of our Internet pages (usage data) only to the extentnecessary to enable the user to use the service or to bill the user. The collected customer data will be deletedafter completion of the order or termination of the business relationship.Statutory retention periods remain unaffected. Datatransmission upon conclusion of a contract for online shops, dealers and goodsdispatch We transmit personal data to third parties only if this is necessaryin the context of the contract, such as to the companies entrusted with thedelivery of the goods or the credit institution entrusted with the paymentprocessing. A further transmission of the data does not take place or only ifyou have expressly agreed to the transmission. Your data will not be passed onto third parties without your express consent, for example for advertisingpurposes.  
  The basis for data processing are legalprovisions which permit the processing of data for the fulfilment of a contractor pre-contractual measures. Analysis of the usage behavior We can offer better services by tracking clickbehavior. This way we can see which posts are read with pleasure by whichcustomers and provide this segment with further information on this topic. Bytracking open and click-through rates, we can better identify which content isinteresting to recipients and which is not or less so. This way, we write lessabout the topic and more for the readers. Finally, the tracking of open and click ratesalso serves to increase sales. Of course, we also inform about products that wesell in the newsletter. It is relevant for us whether parts of an email haveled to a purchase decision or not. We usually only look at tracking data in theform of aggregated reports. So we don't look specifically at whether a user hasnow clicked on this or that link, but what percentage of subscribers opened theemail and which links they clicked on. The data of a specific person is usuallyonly looked at individually if, for example, an error occurred, a supportrequest came in or there was otherwise a concrete reason. Other notes If you call up the respective email for correctdisplay via the link provided in the email in a browser, you will land on aMailChimp website. Among other things, the web analysis tool Google Analyticsis used there. Unfortunately, we cannot switch this off and also have no accessto the corresponding evaluations. However, you can use the usual measures toprevent tracking by Google Analytics and via browser plugins, for example. Description of the processing of personal data With an entry in the newsletter list, we onlycollect your e-mail address for a pure newsletter subscription. In this way, itis therefore at least possible for you to use this service pseudonymously. Inaddition, we store the address of the website on which the form was located, throughwhich you have completed the subscription. If you enter your email address in thedistribution list, then this email address is initially stored volatile withthe list provider ("MailChimp"). The email address is only stored forthe purpose of sending the owner of the email address an email in which he canconfirm the membership in the email list ("double opt-in"). Once theemail address has been confirmed, it is stored permanently with the listprovider until the email address is deleted by the owner of the email addressor by us. In order to be able to prove the entry in the list and to be able todefend against any accusation of unsolicited e-mail, the list provider storesthe date of the entry in the list as well as the IP address under which the entrywas made. We have no influence on the fact that the IP address is stored, andwe hereby expressly draw attention to the fact that the IP address is stored.Important: We do not use the IP address for any other purpose. Furthermore, the following data is stored withus: Date of the last profile update Geolocation & Time Zone: Based on the emailaddress, we perform geolocation and use a "geolocation serviceprovider" to determine information about the IP address (geolocation data     and any existing location information).Geolocation is also used to determine time zones. This, in turn, is used forthe possibly required simultaneous sending of newsletters at certain times.Geolocation is performed both when subscribing to the newsletter and whenopening newsletter emails. Language information: If your browser candetermine the language you have set when subscribing to the newsletter orcalling up links, this is also stored in your profile. This function can be usedin particular to create segments of subscribers by language. Groups & Segments: We sometimes send out notjust one newsletter that is the same for all subscribers. But sometimesdifferent newsletters that are different. For example, it may happen that newersubscribers receive a different or a separate newsletter or email. Deleting your data Every newsletter email contains a note on howyou can have your email address deleted. Alternatively, you can contact us atany time. You can find our contact details in the imprint or under contact. Ofcourse, also for other questions regarding the protection of your personal dataand especially when exercising your data subject rights.   

Facebook Ourpages contain links to the social network Facebook (Facebook Inc., 1 HackerWay, Menlo Park, California 94025, USA). These are pure, conventional links. Aconnection between your browser and the Facebook server is only establishedwhen you click on such a link. Facebook then receives the information that youhave visited our site with your IP address. If you share content from our site on Facebook,Facebook can assign the visit to our pages to your user account. We would liketo point out that we, as the provider of the pages, have no knowledge of thecontent of the transmitted data or its use by Facebook. You can find moreinformation on this in Facebook's privacy policy at: Twitter Ourpages contain links to the Twitter service (Twitter Inc., 1355 Market Street,Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA). These are purely conventional links.A connection between your browser and the Twitter server is only establishedwhen you click on such a link. By using Twitter and the "Re-Tweet"function, the websites you visit are linked to your Twitter account and madeknown to other users. In the process, data is also transferred to Twitter. Wewould like to point out that we, as the provider of the pages, have noknowledge of the content of the transmitted data or its use by Twitter. You canfind more information on this in Twitter's privacy policy at: You can change your Twitter privacy settings inyour account settings at YouTubeOur pages contain links to the YouTube platformof the provider Google (Google LLC, 1600Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043,USA). These are purely conventional links.A connection between your browser and theYouTube server is only established when you click    on such a link. YouTube then receives theinformation that you have visited our site with your IP address. If you are amember of the YouTube platform, YouTube can assign your visit to our website toyour user profile on YouTube. You can find YouTube's privacy policy here:, and an opt-out option here: Instagram Our pages contain links to the social networkInstagram (Instagram Inc., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA). Theseare pure, conventional links. A connection between your browser and theInstagram server is only established when you click on such a link. Instagramthen receives the information that you have visited our site with your IPaddress. If you are a member of the Instagram platform, Instagram can assignthe visit to our website to your user profile on Instagram. You can findInstagram's privacy policy here: Online presence in social media We maintain online presences within socialnetworks and process user data in this context in order to communicate withusers active there or to offer information about us. We would like to point outthat user data may be processed outside of Switzerland and the EU. This mayresult in risks for users, because it could, for example, make it moredifficult to enforce the rights of users. Furthermore, user data within social networks isusually processed for market research and advertising purposes. For example,usage profiles can be created based on the usage behavior and resultinginterests of the users. The usage profiles can in turn be used, for example, toplace advertisements within and outside the networks that presumably correspondto the interests of the users. For these purposes, cookies are usually storedon the computers of the users, in which the usage behavior and the interests ofthe users are stored. Furthermore, data independent of the devices used by theusers may also be stored in the usage profiles (especially if the users aremembers of the respective platforms and are logged in to them). Fora detailed description of the respective forms of processing and thepossibilities of objection (opt-out), we refer to the data protectiondeclarations and information provided by the operators of the respectivenetworks. Also in the case of requests for information andthe assertion of data subject rights, we point out that these can be assertedmost effectively with the providers. Only the providers have access to theusers' data and can take appropriate measures and provide information directly.If you still need help, you can contact us. Facebook: We are jointly responsible withFacebook Ireland Ltd for collecting (but not further processing) data fromvisitors to our Facebook page (known as a "Fan Page"). This dataincludes information about the types of content users view or interact with, orthe actions they take (see "Things You and Others Do and Provide" inthe Facebook Data Policy:, as well asinformation about the devices users use (e.g., IP addresses, operating system,browser type, language settings, cookie data; see "DeviceInformation" in the Facebook Data Policy Statement: As explained in the Facebook Privacy Policyunder "How Do We Use This Information?", Facebook also collects anduses information to provide analytics services, called "PageInsights," to Page    operatorsto provide them with insights into how people interact with their Pages and thecontent associated with them. We have entered into a special agreement withFacebook ("Page Insights Information",, which regulatesin particular which security measures Facebook must observe and in whichFacebook has agreed to fulfil the data subject rights (i.e. users can, forexample, address information or deletion requests directly to Facebook). Therights of users (in particular to information, deletion, objection andcomplaint to the competent supervisory authority), are not restricted by theagreements with Facebook. Further information can be found in the"Information on Page Insights"( Types of data processed: inventory data (e.g.names, addresses), contact data (e.g. e-mail, telephone numbers), content data(e.g. text entries, photographs, videos), usage data (e.g. websites visited,interest in content, access times), meta/communication data (e.g. deviceinformation, IP addresses). Data subjects: Users (e.g. website visitors,users of online services). Purposes of processing: contact requests andcommunication, tracking (e.g. interest/behavioural profiling, use of cookies),remarketing, reach measurement (e.g. access statistics, recognition ofreturning visitors). Legal basis: Legitimate interests (Art. 6 para.1 p. 1 lit. f. DSGVO).Services used and service providers Instagram: social network; service provider:Instagram Inc, 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA,94025, USA; parent company: Facebook, 1 HackerWay, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA; website:; privacy policy: Social network; service provider:Facebook Ireland Ltd, 4 Grand Canal Square,Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland; parentcompany: Facebook, 1 Hacker Way, MenloPark, CA 94025, USA; Website:; Privacy policy:; Opt-out:Ads settings: social network; service provider:LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland; website:; privacy policy:; opt-out: Twitter: social network; service provider: TwitterInc, 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA; privacy policy:, (settings) YouTube: Social network; Service provider:Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, BarrowStreet, Dublin 4, Ireland; parent company:Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA; privacy policy:; opt-out: 

Google Analytics This website uses functions of the web analysisservice Google Analytics. The provider is Google Inc, 1600 AmphitheatreParkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Google Analytics uses so-called"cookies". These are text files that are stored on your computer andenable an analysis of your use of the website. The information generated by thecookie     about your use of this website is usuallytransmitted to a Google server in the USA and stored there. Google Analytics cookies are stored because ofthe website operator's legitimate interest in analysing user behaviour in orderto optimise both its website and its advertising. IP anonymization Wehave activated the IP anonymization function on this website. This means thatyour IP address is shortened by Google within member states of the EuropeanUnion or in other contracting states of the Agreement on the European EconomicArea before being transmitted to the USA. Only in exceptional cases will the fullIP address be transmitted to a Google server in the USA and shortened there. Onbehalf of the operator of this website, Google will use this information forthe purpose of evaluating your use of the website, compiling reports on websiteactivity and providing other services relating to website activity and internetusage to the website operator. The IP address transmitted by your browser aspart of Google Analytics will not be merged with other Google data. Browser plugin You may refuse the use of cookies by selectingthe appropriate settings on your browser, however please note that if you dothis you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website. You canalso prevent the collection of data generated by the cookie and related to youruse of the website (including your IP address) to Google and the processing ofthis data by Google by downloading and installing the browser plugin availableat the following link: Objection to data collection Youcan prevent the collection of your data by Google Analytics by clicking on thefollowing link. An opt-out cookie will be set, which will prevent thecollection of your data during future visits to this website: Disable GoogleAnalytics. For more information on how Google Analyticshandles user data, please see Google's privacy policy: Order data processing We have concluded an order data processingcontract with Google and fully implement the strict requirements of the dataprotection authorities when using Google Analytics. Demographic characteristics in Google Analytics This website uses the "demographiccharacteristics" function of Google Analytics. This allows reports to begenerated that contain statements about the age, gender and interests of sitevisitors. This data comes from interest-based advertising from Google as wellas visitor data from third-party providers. This data cannot be assigned to aspecific person. You can deactivate this function at any time via the adsettings in your Google account or generally prohibit the collection of yourdata by Google Analytics as shown in the item "Objection to datacollection". Google AdWords and Google Conversion Tracking This website uses Google AdWords. AdWords is anonline advertising program of Google Inc, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, MountainView, CA 94043, United States ("Google").     Within the framework of Google AdWords we usethe so-called conversion tracking. When you click on an ad placed by Google, acookie is set for conversion tracking. Cookies are small text files that theinternet browser stores on the user's computer. These cookies lose theirvalidity after 30 days and are not used to personally identify the user. If theuser visits certain pages of this website and the cookie has not yet expired,Google and we can recognize that the user has clicked on the ad and wasredirected to this page. Each Google AdWords customer receives adifferent cookie. The cookies cannot be tracked across AdWords customers'websites. The information collected using the conversion cookie is used tocreate conversion statistics for AdWords customers who have opted in toconversion tracking. The customers learn the total number of users who clickedon their ad and were redirected to a page tagged with a conversion trackingtag. However, they do not receive information that personally identifies users.If you do not wish to participate in the tracking, you can object to this useby deactivating the Google conversion tracking cookie via your internet browserunder user settings. You will then not be included in the conversion trackingstatistics. The storage of "conversion cookies" isbased on the legitimate interest of the website operator in analysing userbehaviour in order to optimise both its website and its advertising. For more information on Google AdWords andGoogle Conversion Tracking, please see Google's privacy policy: You can set your browser so that you areinformed about the setting of cookies and only allow cookies in individualcases, exclude the acceptance of cookies for certain cases or generally andactivate the automatic deletion of cookies when closing the browser. If youdeactivate cookies, the functionality of this website may be limited. 7.  Plugins and tools Google Web Fonts This site uses so-called web fonts provided byGoogle for the uniform display of fonts. When you call up a page, your browserloads the required web fonts into its browser cache in order to display textsand fonts correctly. For this purpose, the browser you use mustconnect to Google's servers. This enables Google to know that our website hasbeen accessed via your IP address. The use of Google Web Fonts is in theinterest of a uniform and appealing presentation of our online offers. Thisrepresents a legitimate interest. If yourbrowser does not support web fonts, a default font will be used by yourcomputer. For more information about Google Web Fonts,please visit and read Google's privacypolicy: GoogleMaps This site uses the map service Google Maps viaan API. The provider is Google Inc, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View,CA 94043, USA.     To use thefunctions of Google Maps, it is necessary to store your IP address. Thisinformation is usually transferred to a Google server in the USA and storedthere. The provider of this site has no influence on this data transmission. The use of Google Maps is in the interest of anappealing presentation of our online offers and an easy location of the placesindicated by us on the website. This represents a legitimate interest. Moreinformation on the handling of user data can be found in Google's privacypolicy: 8.Payment providerPayPal On our website we offer, among other things,payment via PayPal. The provider of this payment service is PayPal (Europe)S.à.r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg (hereinafter"PayPal"). If youselect payment via PayPal, the payment data you enter will be transmitted toPayPal. The transfer of your data to PayPal is based onyour consent and for the performance of a contract. You have the option torevoke your consent to data processing at any time. A revocation does notaffect the validity of past data processing operations.                                       

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